WINTER/Rosie the Riveter Charter High School

Women in Non-Traditional Employment Roles (WINTER) was formed by a group of tradeswomen who wanted to extend opportunities to economically disadvantaged community women.  “Our mission is to encourage and support girls and women’s education, training, employment, and retention in high-wage, high-skill jobs.”

In September 2007, under the WINTER umbrella, Rosie the Riveter Charter High School was launched to champion the spirit of progressive education by providing a rigorous, standards-based secondary education.  In addition to core academic classes, students have a chance to explore the opportunities that community colleges offer such as auto repair and the culinary arts.  Additionally, students interested in the construction and public utilities industry are able to explore these career opportunities.  “Our students can ‘test drive a career’ so to speak, and learn about the skills and earning potential these careers offer.”

Throughout its 15-year history, WINTER has promoted the employment of women in non-traditional labor markets by working primarily with two sectors:  poverty level women and youth who need progressive high school education, employment training and related assistance and the employers who might hire them.

Rosie the Riveter Charter High School helps “at-risk” (“at-promise”) students who have not succeeded in traditional public schools turn their lives around and become socially successful while achieving academic levels necessary for high school graduation and success in registered apprenticeships in the construction and building trades.  Rosie the Riveter principles include commitment to community transformation through education, life skills training, employment training, violence prevention strategies, and family advocacy.

Because these forward-thinking folks understand that education, exposure and experience line the avenue to a happy, fulfilling life and career.  They are indefatigable in their mission to educate the most underserved girls and women and help them on the path to a gratifying and rewarding career and life.