P.S. Arts

P.S. Arts recruits, hires, underwrites and trains professional artists to develop curriculum and teach classes during the regular school day. The organization works to educate and empower classroom teachers through arts-related workshops that demonstrate how to integrate creative expression and the arts into core academic subjects.

The goals of P.S. Arts’ programs are to engage young minds, develop creative skills, improve observational powers, increase receptivity and develop problem solving abilities – all skills that serve children in their academic and personal development. In addition, P.S. Arts programs help students develop grade-level appropriate concepts and skills in the arts, and help them identify connections between the arts and core subjects like language arts, social studies, math and science.

In a climate where the budget for arts programs in public schools is constantly slashed—if not entirely obliterated—P.S. Arts currently provides arts programs (including music, theatre/drama, dance, visual arts) to more than 11,000 students in the most underserved schools in Southern and Central California. This organization supports schools whose students most require arts education to help create fair and equal access. Encore, P.S. Arts!